The hero of the story. Athletic, scary and cute.


pantone: dumb, chase, spikey

These little creatues are the base enemy in the game. They walk around being general nuisances to all. There are three flavours of Pantones (or Protestors as they are also known) which are dumb, chasers and spikey.

The dumb (pink) Pantones walk around oblivious to the world around them, normally patrolling a small area of ground forever. They can be jumped on or swiped.

Chase (blue) Pantones patrol smaller areas of ground, but as you appoach start to chase after you. Again, they can be jumped on or swiped. If you run away from them they get bored and run back to their initial stomping grounds.

Spikey (?) Pantones are just dumb Pantones who are hurt you if you jump on their heads, and can only be swiped, or more generally jumped over and left alone. They will normally midn their own business and not give chase as you pass.

junk thrower

Hides in piles of junk, occasionally popping it's head out when it hears a parser by, just to throw old eggs and rotten tomatoes at them. You can only get rid of these guys once they've shown themselves.

[no picture]

bird: swooping

These little guys swoop down from trees and head but you before flying off again.


bird: pooping

Funky looking critters who like nothing more than sitting high up in trees and pooing on passing people. They're not dangerous to stand next to, just watch your heads!


bird: tipping hot water

These strange littel birds sit in trees pouring boilding tea at regualr intevals. As long as you get with their timing you'll be fine.


jellyfish: electric

Beautiful and harmless, as long as you don't touch them.


fish: puffer

Swim around slowly. Don't get too close or they'll get scared and puff themselves up, spiking you with their poisonous barbs.


fish: angler

Don't get in their light, or they'll think you've come for dinner and snap at you with their devilously sharp teeth.



These slithery fellows swim back and forth between holes in the rock in continuous loops. You're going to have to swim quickly with good timing to get past them without being hit.



Sitting in rocky crevices, they'll snap at you if you get too close.

[no picture]


Don't toucht these or even get too close or they'll explode with devastating consequences!

[no picture]

bird: tree scavenger

Sits in trees until it sees its prey, and swoops down shooting firey shots at them with its nose.

ghost: disquised ghost squid

Ghostly squids who are dangerous to come into contact with but luckily are quite shy and don't like to venture far from their logs unless in disquise.


fish: pirahna

Littel fish who swim around in schools in swampy water, jumping out biting whatever they can grab onto.



Not actualyl single creatures, but rows of seperate little puff ball type animals. This makes it hard to get rid of them as when you hit them they just break in two and run off in two different directions.

[no picture]

spider monkey

Half monkey / half spider. They swim sticky webs in trees and jump down on bouncy webs to bite unsuspecting visitors to their hollow tree homes.

[no picture]

swamp: elder

Elder of the swamp. He's been there so long that he has become covered in swamp gunk. Watch out for his babies which float out of his ever present bubbling pipe. As you throw his babies at him he will slowly be cleaned of gunk, eventually leaving behind a small, thin, old man.


swamp: elder baby

Little creatures who jump along the ground looking for something to suck the blood from. Just hit them and their gunk will disappear, leaving behind heavy skulls.

[no picture]

swamp: serpent

Pops up out of swampy water to bite at passing birds. You can use him to jump over stretcherous waters, but watch out for his snapping mouth.

swamp serpent


A sought after food, this sloth like creature, soft on the inside, hard shelled outside, is impervious to most attacks but isn't worried much about what happens around itself. Turn it over and get some jelly for some extra lives.



Don't get too close to their horns or they'll buck you over. You'll have to jump over them at hight speed on your bike or be pushed off.


troll: under bridge

Watch out for the skulls of previous victims he throws up onto his bridge to catch unwary passers by.


Don't try walking away from these city dwellers unless you give them a few coins that they've asked for or they'll trip you over as you leave.


crossing gaurd / children

Not really dangerous just in a hurry to get to class. The crossing guard's sign with tell you when it''s ok to cross, and when you should wait for the school girls to stop running past.


Mean, like all cats.

[no picture]


Diseased rodents.

[no picture]

zombie: small, shoots

Shoots you at close range. You can't kill this zombie unless you give it an exploding pie.

[no picture]

zombie: tall, clubs

Clubs you at close range. You can't kill this zombie unless you give it an exploding pie. You can push them over but they'll get back up.


zombie: boss, controlled by small guy

A very tall zombie who is controlled by a cute little guy controlling him like a marrionette. You'll have to convice the little creature to eat some pies before the large zombie will fall over and you can pass.

[no picture]

city boss, has machinery

The real boss of the city. This little man attacks you from large dock machinery which you have to destroy before he runs away.


zombie: chef

Throws knives at you when you run into the Yellow Onion kitchens. Just watch out for his projectiles and he won't be a problem.

[no picture]

war machine

As you ride your bike towards the city from the forest you have to watch out for exploding rockets coming from the sky. As you near the city the war machine runs out at you but chrashes over you. You can't do anything about this, but you'll espace through his rear into the city later.

war machine


This doctor works in the seedy parts of town "harvesting" organs and transporting it to those who'll pay. As they run past you can give them a little push and get some "healthiness" for yourself.



fight: bouncer

The same bouncer that is in the club. Stupid but strong.

[no picture]

fight: body guard

A little smarter than a lowly bouncer and will fight with cunning.

[no picture]

fight: poet + owl

The ultimate master of the sly and wighly "owl-fu". She'll attack you with words as well as wings.



Has special moves / abilities for this.

[no picture]

Non Player Characters


Blocking parts of the Yellow Onion. Heavy set man who you don't want to mess with. A little stupid though.

[no pictures]

air freshener

Helps you clean the air so you can get to the docks, but only if you give him some of his favorite food, sushi.

Air Freshener

zombie: sushi chef

For some reason the best sushi is made by zombies. Just watch out for the "specials" which might include peices of the chef himself.

[no pictures]

egg keeper

These mysterious people spend their lives looking after strange eggs, that never hatch. You'l find them meditating and generally hanging out at the Egg-thedral.

egg keeper

blind tea lady

Tells your fortunes. Wanders around aimlessly.

troll: junk yard

Stong as ten ox. Helps you to move a ship a the peninsula.

troll junk

bunny guru

A very smart friend of yours. Like meditating / carrots. His best friend egg follows him everywhere he goes.



Spends a lot of his time in his home in a submarine under the sea.

troll: sewer

Gives you a special helmet so you can breath under water and shows you the way to Dr Maybe's lab.

[no picture]

jellyfish: babies

Cute little guys just looking for their mom. Get them to follow you and their mother with let you pass.

jellyfish baby

jellyfish: mother

Looking for you babies. Find them and you can pass. She won't hurt you.

jellyfish mother

Swimming Towards

These creatures are the same you'll find in the other underwater areas, though will swim straight at you!


[no picture]


[no picture]


[no picture]


[no picture]


[no picture]


[no picture]



[no picture]

broken bottles

[no picture]


[no picture]


[no picture]

plant: throws seeds

Regularly explodes and sends large spikey seeds into the air where they'll fly up then float down hurting anything in their path.

[no picture]

plant: shoots seeds

[no picture]

plant: spikey

[no picture]


The docks is full of dangerous machinery. Don't get crushed / squished or otherwise destroyed by steel.

[no picture]

spider web

Sticky monkey-spider web. It slows you down but you can also use it to climb to otherwise inaccessable places.

[no picture]


people at bar

[no picture]


Great musicians. Though they'll need the lights on before they'll play. They might also need some help remembering the tune.


Watch out for spinning drinks and sliding cocktails.

[no picture]


Inoccuous, but you may find their flat heads useful for jumping over zombies.



Scarygirls pet / friend. Follows her around when she's at home. Comes to her rescure when she's really in a sticky situation. If you "die", toycat will come and revive you and take you back to somewhere safer.



The evil boss of the Yellow Onion. He won't do his own dirty work, but will bring in his bouncer, body guard and poet to fight you for him.

bird: sit

These guys just hang out in the forest minding their own business. They may be signs of bad waters ahead though.

bird sit

bird: city

Birds that frequent the city. Some may poop on you as you walk past.


bird: peninsula

Birds that frequent the peninsula. Some may poop on you as you walk past.