level 1 sketches (part 1)

LEVEL 1: You start off in the treehouse, climb down ladder. Here you are on a platform which is blocked on the left by a boulder, on the right by a rubbish cart. You cannot push either. You must go to the boulder, then you do it will highlight and an icon will be given to you, meaning that it is a talking point. You must then go to bunny guru who is near the ladder. When you talk to him about the boulder he will come and help you push it.
Once you have pushed the boulder in the hole, you can get to the junkyard. You need to dodge the bouncing rubbish which will be falling down the hill. You also must jump on or avoid the little critters on the ground/ all around the junkyard. In the junkyard you can find items of interest. There is a hole you can crawl into.. like all items, it will highlight and you can press the activate key (maybe space bar) to enter.
The screen will then move and you will walk out on the background hill platform. Here you can walk up to the cart on the hill. (see cart sketches). The cart must be used... maybe jump on a lever to make it start moving a little.. like a mechanical thing. When it gets to the top it will roll down the hill and eventually hit the other cart near the water. Both will fall into the water.
Now you are free to jump into the water to go and meet Blister.

GROUND 1: Here is an example of a ground (platform) type 1. The character rotates to match the slope. She can run, jump, slide, maybe tumble down slopes if she falls.
Note that the ground (hittable slope) doesnt have to exactally represent the illustrated ground. You can make the platform LOOK a little 3d but there is a 2d plane that you run on.

GROUND 2: At times the ground may not cause the character to rotate. This will mean that the character will appear to step around an object. This will be a simple way to introduce a slight 3d aspect to the levels. eg. stepping around the tree. Note: This will not work too well for platforms which have a varying slope, as the character will not be rotating to represent the slope.

RUBBISH CARTS: simple machines that you could interact with. You may jump on the lever to make it move. Maybe have to jump on two levers, alternately.