level 1 sketches (part 2)


Scary Girls House - Inside

Also shows the "talkies" (the things we can talk about) that we either get from the dream, or from looking around the house. They are Game System, Dr Maybe, Blister, Blister's Home

From here you can go Outside or Onto the Roof

The Game System ... Umm .. not sure what's happening here! Guess there should be a green PONG bouncing around the screen.

SGs roof. You can see the Swamp / Forest and the City. This means you can talk about them as well. A nice view eh! Maybe the sun can move across the sky and we'll have a night time version as well.

Outside SGs house. It's going to a lot WIDER than this, but hopefully gives some idea. You can the see from left to right The Junk Yard, Hole in the Ground, Giant Egg, SGs House, Entrance to Bunny Guru's and A Wrecked Ship Blocking the Sea (Blister's place)

So the idea is this. You see the egg, then talk to BG about it, both push it over the edge. You can then get to the junk yard. Here you can explore the junk. In the background you can see a crane type thing throwing junk around the yard (maybe some falls down near you, you have to make sure it doesn't hit you). At some point you can go "into" the junk yard, towards the crane. This brings you to a new level (place you can jump around). You go closer and closer a few times until you get to the Junk Cave. Here you can do SOMETHING to distract / move the crane, which makes the crane throw a peice of Junk that flies through the air and hits the wrecked ship, smashing it out of the way. Makes more sense than a mine cart.

You can now get to the SEA! Yay (new level).

Bunny Guru's cave / tree hole. You get a BG and Onion talkie. He also says CITY = DR MAYBE (talkie set on the right)

Blister's Pad. He talks about Tree of Knowledge and BG's home. He has a talkie (on the right) telling you to go to BGs (at his house).