level 3 junkyard

Getting to the Junkyard

After speaking to blister and bunnyguru you select to go to the yellowonion/tree then you need a bike. Bunny guru leads you into the junkyard where he digs a hole in the wall which leads to a tunnels& a bike making machine. The level changes as you enter the whole.

Junkyard Level

To use the machine, you need to find bike parts. You can follow furthur in to the tunnel, which leads you to a larger junkyard. Here you collect all of the bike parts. The parts you need show up on the machine

Build a bike mini-game

The machine works, but its wires are all out of place. The minigame is like the game 'master-mind' in that you need to discover the pattern required to make the machine run correctly. The player can pick up the cords and plug then into holes, one to each of the verticle rows in the top section. The machine is then started and it builds a bike. The bike might be totally deformed, with all the pieces in incorrect places, could look funny. Lights will glow above each row; red (or no glow) for an incorrect plug, orange for a plug in the correct group (vertically) but wrong hole, green light for a correct plug. When all the plugs are in the correct holes a working bike will be built and the the game is over. There are a limited number of times that you can get it wrong (maybe 10) before the machine explodes all the cords come out. You must start the game again, you have failed.