level 4 - Forest

The forest level will be split into 3 main sections. The first and last will be traditional platform game stlye play, where the player can climb trees and navigate left to right. The end of the level is at the right-hand-side.
At the end of the first section the player will find a giant tree which they will enter. This transitions to the second part (inside of the tree)
The player needs to climb up ledges, while avoiding and killing enemies. The tree is like a maze where the player can press activators on the sides to make parts of the tree move in/out.
This will allow the player to turn on/off platforms to make their way to the top. The platforms might only turn on for a certain amount of time.
There will be holes out to the branches of the tree. Outside one of the branches SG will find a character to talk to. After giving him coins (collected from the prevoius level) he will tell her not to jump off the branch, and tell her she needs to find a big mushroom.
On getting higher in the tree she will meet another character who has mushrooms. She must give them the icon of a mushroom, and maybe some more coins. With the mushroom she will jump off the tree and use it like an umbrella (mary poppins style) to sail in the wind.
landing back in the forest the player plays another traditional platform sytle level, like the first forest level.
At the end of this level SG finds the tree of knowlege.