level 5 - city

After much to-ing and fro-ing we've decided to put the market with the food districts. From the top left around the shops are as follows: glass blower (under), toy store, owl trainer (up high), sushi store, air cleaner and spinsters.

The crossing guards are standing there with their "stop" signs out, and after a count down they put them down and schoolgirls run out of an alley towards you, past the crossing guard, and back into an alley. So you have to time your passage past them.

The tea lady just walks around. You can talk to her and she gives you advice. Not anything useful.

The main aim of the level is to find the "gaseous" entrance to the docks (blocks because it's poisonous of course!), then talk to the air freshener about cleaning it, he wants sushi so you go the sushi chef and make sushi (enter mini game), then take it back to air freshener who then cleans the way for you to go to the docks.

There's also rats, pantones and beggars. Not sure what the beggars do yet.