level 5 - city

You enter from the door in the center (Grey). On the left there are lots of big people/alien characters dining & chilling. If you can walk in front of them, maybe avoid some as enemies. You can jump on top of the lanterns (Squid blows) to get to the top left where there is something it pick up + health, etc. If you fall off you land on the people, which pisses them off, and hurts you.

At the bar you have to avoid some characters (evil monster ones) you can jump onto stools and then the bar to get over them there might be smashed glass on the bar to avoid too.

Chihoohoo story:
Bouncer 1 at enterance to kitchen tells you to goto chihoohoo
Bouncer 2 Requests you to start up the band first. You go to the band and play minigame. Then come back to see chihoohoo.
After seeing chihoohoo, you can go into kitchen (bouncer is gone)

Blister Story:
Bouncer 1 Requests you to start up the band. You go to the band and play minigame. Then come back to goto Kitchen.
Bouncer 2 Tells you to go away, you cannot go past him.

To make the band play you click on the characters. You need to syncronise them to the score above. Sometimes you may need to click the 'both' circle to play two instruments at a time. Think dance dance rev.