Minigame 3


After building a car to go to the city, there will be a side scrolling racer. You drive the car up and over rolling hills, racing the clock to get to the end.
You must collect an object (in Yellow) which will fuel the car to go faster (think sonic)
You will jump over/on enemies which will block your path. Hitting them will slow you down, meaning that you need to speed up again.
you can jump high in the air to time landings, jumping over cravesses, (yeah thats a word), and holes in bridges etc.
There are multiple paths that you can follow, some are faster than others, meaning that you must 'learn' the journey to beat the clock.

Peninsula to Forest

Forest to city

This level is more sparse and a fast down hill rally, avioding more natural obsticles. You are being chased by creatures from the forest, so you need to keep up speed to escape.